3 Things You Must NOT Consume If You Are on A Diet | consumer

When somebody comes and asks you during a wedding reception, “Hey why are you not eating?”, you would tell them that you are on a diet. Well, there are many of them out there that ought to eat or drink the wrong stuff when they are on a diet. Well, it is certainly a waste of time if there is no guideline on what to and what not to consume during a diet period. The 3 things that you should NOT consume when you are on a diet are:1. Carbonated Sweet DrinksCarbonated drinks contains very HIGH amount of sugar. Sugar can be deemed as a zero nutritional and high calorie food enhancer. A can of cola as an example contains 38 grams of sugar. This can be highly DISASTROUS for those of you who are on a diet. Just imagine, after burning all those excess calories in that body, you right away gulp down a can of cola. It all goes down to a WASTE. Colas contain high amounts of caffeine. Excessive caffeine consumption makes us feel hungry faster. This is again bad for those who are on a diet.

2. Fried and Oily FoodMost of us are easily tempted by the aroma of fried foods. This includes French fries, fried chicken, chips and fried potatoes. Fried food contains high levels of Trans fat or unsaturated fat. The main reason behind obesity is Trans fat. The Trans fat present in oily fried foods also destroys the good HDL cholesterol in the body. The extreme heat present during frying also demolishes essential fatty acids in the food which are actually essential for weight loss. So, by all means try to REDUCE the intake of oily food when you are on a diet.

3. Dairy FoodNowadays, most of us who are on a strict diet to lose weight tend to buy dairy products which are stated as low fat. Well, the truth is these are all pure CRAP. All dairy products do contain a certain amount of fat. Consuming dairy foods such as cheese, milk, and chocolates will increase body fat level. Well, totally eliminating dairy food from our daily diet sounds IMPOSSIBLE, reducing the amount consumed to just consuming what our body needs will be a good idea. As an example, drinking just one glass of pure milk in the morning before breakfast will be ideal.